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ZWH (CCL) and UNCTAD: A rewarding cooperation

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the Center for Competition Law (CCL) can look back on a long-standing and rewarding cooperation together. 2018 was also the beginning of a strengthened cooperation between the two parties: They have joined forces to make the CAS International Competition Law und Compliance Program accessible to developing countries.

UNCTAD can guarantee a worldwide presence as well as provide an exchange of experience and knowledge. Through their work, UNCTAD offers support to developing countries to ensure their participation in the world economy on a more equitable basis. Competition law is a key factor! And that is where the CCL really comes into its own.

A look back
The relationship between CCL and UNCTAD is characterized by various projects in the fields of expertise, research and education − through research projects, by holding a conference series on competition law and policy (Ateliers de la Concurrence), by providing the Master of International Trade Degree at the Perdana University in Malaysia and by means of the execution of projects in specific countries in collaboration with the Competition Commission and State Secretariat for Economic Affairs. This relationship brings great opportunities and chances to both parties.

The future is now
The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding sets out the framework conditions for the joint implementation of the CAS International Competition Law and Compliance Program. In  future, it will be ensured that interested people from developing countries will be able to take part in the forthcoming and practically-oriented degree programs and bring along all the learning and insight with them from their home countries,  with the goal of establishing and ensuring a healthy competition climate.

The next edition of the  CAS International Competition Law and Compliance Program will start on July 2nd 2018 in Geneva at the Palais des Nations. Participants from the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) already confirmed their participation, along with participants from Switzerland (Enterprises, Academia and Authorities).

For further Information: Patrick Krauskopf, Centre for Competition Law and Trade Law


Patrick Krauskopf (ZWH) and Mukhisa Kituyi (UNCTAD) set the starting point for further successful cooperation.

Patrick Krauskopf (ZWH) and Mukhisa Kituyi (UNCTAD) set the starting point for further successful cooperation.

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