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SML Study Trip 2019 to China and Vietnam

Students in their final semester at the ZHAW School of Management and Law embarked on a two-week study trip to China and Vietnam in July 2019.


The learning goals of this study trip were:

  • to experience the Chinese and Vietnamese ways of life through on-site exploration;
  • to understand the economic thrust of China and Vietnam and neighboring countries; and
  • beyond Switzerland.

My heartfelt thanks go to all organizations, companies, and business partners in China and Vietnam who generously invited us. We deeply appreciate the support of the Swiss General Consulate (Chengdu), Huawei (Beijing and Switzerland), Autoneum (Chongqing), ABB (Chongqing), the Chongqing Municipal Regulatory Bureau, KPMG (Hong Kong), UBS (Hong Kong), Migros (Hong Kong), the Vietnam Swiss Chamber of Commerce (Ho Chi Minh City), and Swiss Post Solutions (Ho Chi Minh City).

This was already the fifth time that I had the privilege of taking SML students on a study trip to China and Vietnam. Despite some signs of slowing down, the pace of change and modernization is still amazing in both countries. Every Chinese city we visited looked new and modern with state-of-the-art public transport systems and hotel facilities as well as breath-taking high-rise buildings. The air in Beijing has been never cleaner and crisper. On the other hand, it was also noticeable that many of those buildings are not occupied to full capacity. Vietnam, on the other hand, seemed to us to have been given an extra economic boost by way of the re-directed export and investment activities in dealing with the United States.

Highlights of this study trip included the exchange with Dr. Matthias Müller, NZZ foreign correspondent in Beijing, and the Director of the Chongqing Municipal Regulatory Bureau, Zhang Hong Ming, about the financial industry in China and Switzerland. At Migros Hong Kong, we were introduced to their regional buying activities in Asia. We also learned about the online logistics services which Swiss Post provides to its international customers from Ho Chi Minh City. These are just some impressions of many, however; all the company visits in these vibrant countries impressed us.

I would like to thank the entire student group who co-organized this trip, in particular Fredrik Rüegg, Jasmin Schleeh, and Nicola Zimmermann, who made up the core organizing team.IMG-20190719-WA0054

In 2020, the SML Study Trip to China and Vietnam will take place from 28 June – 11 July. Registration for the 2020 spring semester elective “Emerging Market Field Trip” will begin in November. A prerequisite of the study trip is the elective “Business in Emerging Markets: China and Vietnam” offered in the 2020 spring semester (full-time students) or in the current fall semester (part-time students).

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Contact: Markus Braun