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InnoSuisse Project – An Independent Financial Research Platform for the Swiss Para-Banking Sector (SPBS)

At the ZHAW Institute of Financial Management, Robert Gutsche is collaborating with the University of St. Gallen and the Association of Swiss Asset Managers to develop innovative investment profiling technology using big data and tailored to the needs of the Swiss Para-Banking Sector (SPBS). The project was initiated by Studio A. Ciocca SA – a financial consultancy in Lugano with the support of KPMG’s Global Valuation Team, Maerki Baumann AG and Temenos AG.

The vision is to provide SPBS and Swiss wealth and asset managers with a platform for superior investment decisions across the full investment cycle from idea generation, valuation analysis to portfolio optimization.

InnoSuisse has awarded the project a substantial grant for 2021 to 2023, with additional funds being provided by the project partners. The product launch is scheduled for 2023.

The SPBS accounts for a significant share of c. 14% of all assets managed in Switzerland, employing approximately 15’000 people in 6’700 small and micro companies with limited research capacities and has historically relied on “passing through” investment research of broker banks.

Evolving regulation on independence and transparency (MIFID II, FIDLEG), as well as client access to investment technology, client demand for analysis and active strategies are transforming the business models in the SBPS, a recent VSV/HSG-Survey has shown. The future of the industry strongly relies on the independent, insightful investment opinions presented in a professional manner.

The independent financial research platform to be developed will incorporate various tools to analyze quantitative, objective company data, focusing on the relationship between return potential and associated risk. Reverse engineering analysis will help uncover implicit growth and capital cost assumptions embedded in market prices.

The project team headed by Professor Robert Gutsche consists of an experienced and diverse group of experts who are at home in both the corporate and academic worlds: Dr. Florian Deglmann (who has 15 years of investment banking experience), Dr. Alexandru Rif (with a background in asset management), Michael Graumann (a cloud computing expert), and Liudmila Gorkun-Voevoda (a research associate at ZHAW and the University of St. Gallen).