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“Highest Honors” yet again for the SML Collegiate Chapter


The SML BGS collegiate chapter invites the best students and selected faculty members for membership in the International Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS), which forms an unique network of ”Best in Business” worldwide. BGS measures the activities of its chapters by an honor roll system, which consists of three levels that can be achieved.

We are proud to announce that our collegiate chapter has reached “Highest Honors” (i.e., the top level) for the last reporting year ending 30 June. This achievement, for the second time in a row, would not have been possible without the commitment of all our chapter officers, including the BGS Student Executive Leadership Team, and our collaboration with the BGS Switzerland Alumni Chapter.

Tobias Heinrich

Tobias Heinrich

A New BGS Student President

Tobias Heinrich is the new BGS Student President for the 2019/20 academic year. He studies for a BSc in Business Administration with a specialization in General Management and is keen to support the Managing Director in achieving a hat-trick regarding another ‘Highest Honors’ win for the reporting business year.

GLS Scholarship for Dario Wieland

Dario Wieland

Dario Wieland

The scholarship, which includes free registration and accommodation for the BGS Global Leadership Summit (GLS) has been awarded to Dario Wieland, who graduated with an MSc in Business Administration and a Major in Marketing in 2018. He will head his father’s company as CEO starting 2020.

The GLS brings together some of the best business students in the world for a weekend of networking, hands-on learning, and professional skills development.

Recognition Ceremony 2020


The next BGS Recognition Ceremony takes place on Friday, 28 February 2020. The best students and some faculty members will be invited to join BGS in late November 2019.

Inductees and current BGS members can expect an invitation to the 2020 Recognition Ceremony by the end of January 2019. Separate registration will be required. Space will be limited.

Contact: Daniel Ulrich, SML Staff Unit