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Digital Storytelling for Tertiary Education in the Era of Digitization

SML senior lecturer Khaldoun Dia-Eddine presented in a recent publication his innovative approach to online teaching with digital storytelling.

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Digital Storytelling for Tertiary Education in the Era of Digitization

Storytelling can be one of the best strategies of teaching, but it has to be reviewed and adapted in the context of online teaching. Khaldoun Dia-Eddine is well known for implementing new innovations in his courses and once he had obtained the SML learning and teaching award in 2017 he also started to look at ways to digitize parts of his lectures. His experience of constructing and evaluating two courses where he has applied digital storytelling have now been published.

In the chapter «Digital Storytelling for Tertiary Education in the Era of Digitization», Dia-Eddine comes to the conclusion that technology implementation in university teaching is important, but in order to become a success it also has to be combined with the presence of lecturers that are using these new technologies. As a result, attention should be given to two new needs: First, faculty development programs related to changing professors’ conceptions of effective teaching, and second, the use of new enabling technologies should be incorporated in the faculty preparation. Based on the explanation of digital storytelling Dia-Eddine developed a framework, which he applied in his online lectures and used anonymous feedback from the students to evaluate it.

Dia-Eddine described his learnings from using digital storytelling as follows: «The experience shows that there is a good interest in this way of teaching and a certain degree of freedom in using it. These are two elements which are part of the requirements for an adapted education. The other one is the use of digital means as platform and the possibility to have very short sequences with an electronic interaction.»

Contact: Khaldoun Dia-Eddine, Senior Lecturer, International Management Institute