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Analysis of the EU’s Response to COVID-19. ZHAW Webcast with Sebastian Ramspeck and Franziska Vogel

The COVID-19 pandemic is a major challenge for many states around the world. The ZHAW International Management Institute and its unit for Foreign Affairs & Applied Diplomacy have invited experts to discuss how the European Union is responding to this crisis.

European integration has always been closely linked to a number of crises – sometimes slowing down the European project and sometimes leading to even greater integration. For the new team now leading the EU Commission and the recently elected EU Parliament, the coronavirus pandemic is a crucial test. At the same time, the EU must face other urgent issues such as migration, trade wars and the need to respond to climate change.

Press Conference at the EC/Emergency Response Coordination Centre in Brussels. © European Union, 2020

Press Conference at the EC/Emergency Response Coordination Centre in Brussels on 2 March 2020 © European Union, 2020

Speakers that participated in the 2nd IB Podium (Webcast) that took take place on Monday 4 May 2020:


Sebastian Ramspeck, former Brussels Correspondent for Swiss Television (SRF)


Franziska Vogel, Co-Head Program Europe – Swiss Think Tank on Foreign Policy (foraus)


Dominique Ursprung, Deputy Head, Center for EMEA Business, ZHAW








Watch the recording of the Webcast:

The ZHAW International Business Podium is a series of events organized by the Center for EMEA Business at the ZHAW School of Management and Law. It focuses on political and economic developments, especially in Europe, and hosts discussions with experts and academics. These events are primarily aimed at our students, but are also open to the general public.

 Contact: Florian Keller, International Management Institute